Sermon Podcasts

Weekly Sermon
Surviving Through Difficult Time
Pastor Dan offers a message of hope for us, as we experience these difficult times.

Faithfulness of God
Faithful to God in Service
God is faithful to us. We need to be faithful to Him.
God is Faithful Through All of Life - Part 1
Sermon on God's faithfulness
God is Faithful Through All of Life - Part 2
Sermon on God's faithfulness
Faithfulness in Prayer
Doctor Dan takes us to a deeper understanding of faithful prayer in this message from Nehemiah.
Crossing the Line on Faithfulness
Our faithfulness to God

Pandemic Sermons
Psalm 46
"Be still and know that I am God". Psalm 46:10
Surviving the Pandemic Spiritually
Pastor Dan shares Biblical insights applicable to the pandemic we are enduring. Do these promises from the Old Testament apply to this situation? Yes, and no.
HOPE in Troubling Times
We need HOPE today. The Psalmist gives it to us.

Holy Week
Sighting of the Savior
Christ-Rise Sunday Sermon
Courage of Christ
Palm Sunday Sermon

Are You Ready
Sermon on evangelism - our part
Light of Life
Message on who Jesus is

Christian Life
Let Freedom Ring and Reign
Sermon on the freedom we have in Christ

Mary Did You Know?
It's about Jesus and Mary

Pillars of Salvation
Faith (No Assembly Required)
Sermon on one of the Five Solas - Faith
Faith Alone . . . but it's not faith that is alone!
Talking the pillars of our salvation