Joy in Jesus Ministries, the ministry of Dan & Vonnie Allen, seeks to impart to the world the joy only Jesus can give. This is done by: Mentoring - pastors and pastors wives; Messages - preaching each week; Media - radio/TV/internet spots; Missions - India, training Indian pastors and Christian leaders.

1joy noun \'jôi\ – a state of being and confidence, deep within one’s soul, that because God is in control, no matter the circumstances, all is well. This joy can only come from a relationship with Jesus Christ. Therefore, Dan and Vonnie wish you “Joy in Jesus.”


'Twas The Real Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the real night before Christmas
When all through the land,
The people were headed for Bethlehem’s strand
To pay all their taxes and customs and dues
And be counted by Romans because they were Jews!

The evening was still, and the twilight long gone,
When up to a small Inn - a family had drawn!
The husband was weary and his wife was in need,
And that they had to have a place to say, we’d all have agreed.

“My house is quite full” the Innkeeper said,
“And I’ve ‘nary a place to rest a tired head,
And Alas! and Alack! my rooms are too few,
And I wish there was something for you I could do.”

Then he wrinkled his brow and heaved and sighed,
And said, “I do have one place you might care to reside,
It’s only a stable, but it’s shelter for two,
And I’ll take you there without further ado!”

(You see the Innkeeper knew just what was the matter
And he hurried them off with a rush and some clatter!)
And e’r Mary or Joseph could sleep for that day,
A baby was born - without - further - delay!

And away in the distance to the shepherds amaze,
Angels announced an Infant to praise!
And wise men came from a journey afar,
Guided by a bright and marvelous start!

Now this is the story that oft should be told,
Of the Savior’s blest birth in an animal’s small fold,
Of the Lord Jesus who came to save men in sin,
Of joy to the world and heart peace within.

‘Twas the real time of Christmas
When God came to dwell in man’s sight,
Let us rejoice in Him always
And have a happy good night!

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