Mission Trip 2016

Higher & Higher Into Heaven
Friday, January 22, 2016 by Dan Allen

Soaring over the city of Hyderabad, India, these days are kites – lots and lots of kites. The kids are into kites. Since it’s a holiday, Hindu festival known as Pongal (perhaps I’ll write about this in another post), schools and many businesses are closed and kids are on the roof of their houses flying kites.

The roofs, like in many warmer climates, are flat surrounded by short walls protecting residents from falling off. Laundry is draped on those walls with rugs laid out under the bright sun and pleasant breeze being airing-out. It’s also great for kicking a ball (not too far), running, chasing each other, jumping rope, sword fighting with bamboo sticks, drying freshly washed long hair, visiting neighbors (most roofs are separated by a foot or two and some have adjoining steps if they are lower or higher than their neighbor’s), partying with friends and flying kites. Some children struggle getting the kites to fly. This is where dads come in handy. 

Many of the kites are simple, square with a two-piece frame connecting the ends and crossing at the center and no tail. The costs range from 174.30 to 10,335 Rupees ($2.57; $152). Lots of venders were selling them in preparation for the holiday.

One kite is hanging outside my 4th floor hotel window. Curiously, it has string below and above it. Since I cannot see where the string above goes, I’m assuming it was a double kite with one higher or it got entangled with another kite which is now stuck on the roof of this 8-story building. There are many kites, however, that are stuck elsewhere – on top of the temple buildings next door and especially in the trees. The trees are littered with kites appearing like colored ornaments on a Christmas tree.

I think it would be cool if we could see the prayers of God’s people as they ascend up to Heaven. All across this city of mainly Hindus and Muslims are Christians who, at different times, are praying to the most high God. If those prayers could be seen as they dart their way up to the throne of grace, it would be an encouragement to us to pray without ceasing.

According to John’s vision of Heaven (Rev. 8:3f), incense is added to the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar before the throne. This smoke, then with the prayers of the saints, [rise] before God from the hand of the angel. Not sure if that happens all the time or just in the vision of a future day during the seventh seal, but apparently prayers, in some fashion, are visible enough to be joined with the incense. 

How many kites, I mean prayers, have you flown today?

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