Mission Trip 2016

Church in a Phone Booth
Thursday, January 7, 2016 by Dan Allen

How many people can you pile into a VW or a phone booth? That used to be all the rage. Well, my question was, as more and more people came, how many folks can you cram into the mud-room of a house?

Sunday morning’s gig was at a “house” church, I was told. I figured there would be 15, maybe 20, tops, sitting in someone’s living room. I’m okay with that. I just want to preach and meet other believers.

When we arrived at the church’s stated time and were given seats outside the house, and with no one else there, I figured it might just be me, my handler and the pastor’s family. I’m okay with that as well. I long since have left the numbers-equaling-success game.

But then they started to arrive. One couple travel two hours to this house church in Delhi. Since they live in a village outside of the city, their trip requires a bus plus 3 changes on the metro. Others rode 2-wheelers, motorbikes and cars. Some walked.

When we finally went inside, the place was pleasantly full. The few empty holes in this 7" by 28" back-of-the-house-room-turned-into-church allowed room for the 3 toddlers to squirm. But then more came and more and more. Each time people squeezed a little tighter. Some sat in adjoining rooms, at the exit doorway and even outside. 

It blew me away. I was a tad uncomfortable sitting in a nice chair while most were on the floor, shoulder-to-shoulder.

The message went okay, but the best part of the day was outside. A few chairs were brought out for us, others sat down, many ate and for an hour-and-a-half we just fellowshipped together. Some spoke English so I could understand a bit of the conversation. This was a well educated crowd with the head of a nursing division in the local hospital, a nurse, a gal studying to become a doctor, a government official, etc.

As I sat there I thought that this might just be a little of what Heaven is like. Ten thousand years of just sitting in a circle talking to believers of other cultures and time periods. The stories of God’s grace that will be told. The history. How cool will that be?

I challenged the church that next time I come I hope to see the 50-strong not only grow, but find another place to worship.

Oh, to have this problem in our churches – crammed to the gills of our plush buildings. What these folks would give for one of our fellowship halls or even a classroom. Yet, without complaining, they happily come to church where for 90-minutes they will sit uncomfortably, shoulder-to-shoulder to sing praises to God and listen to His Word.

Since you’ve read this far, how about whispering a prayer for pastor Samson and the Indian National Church that God will provide their needs. One need - seven are scheduled to be baptized, but they have to rent a church to do this. Hard to believe another church would charge them for this opportunity. They’ll need the money for this.


Paul Valleley From USA At 1/13/2016 2:52:17 PM

It will be wonderful to be in heaven for eternity catching up with all the salvation stories and outreaches that God used to bring these folks to Him. To all that you envisioned, I say a hearty AMEN! Father, grant these folks the funds needed to have the new believers baptized.

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