Mission Trip 2016

Flight to India
Thursday, December 31, 2015 by Dan Allen

I made it safely to India. In a few hours I will be preaching at a village church just before the new year commences. Pray for me as I present the Word of God to these dear folks.

Here's my first article for "Dan's Diary from Delhi and Other Places That Don't Start With 'D'" Vol. 3

It Ain’t What You Think

Dinner looked not bad for airplane food. After being on the airplane for a few hours, I was ready to down some food even if it was Indian. But what came out on that little tray was anything but Indian – steamed asparagus, under-cooked carrots, linguine noodles in a light-butter sauce and chicken. It all tasted yummy (not a word I use, but seems to fit), even the orange vegetable which is not my favorite. The accompanying roll, along with a garlic-butter soaked thick slice of Italian bread were both quite tasty. I’d get the clean plate award if they were being issued.

Oh, just one thing left was the cranberry sauce – a delightful sweet addition to any meal, especially Thanksgiving. I saved it for last. With spoon in-hand I dipped the end into the little paper cup just to take a taste before devouring all the contents. YIKES! That’s not cranberry sauce . . . I wanted to shout. I tried to douse the fire with a little yogurt left in its cup. 

“Chili relish” is what the steward called it. Apparently, I surmised, it for those like my good friend, Phil Morrison, whose taste buds no longer exist.

Other than that unpleasantry, the 14+ hour flight to Delhi was a rather smooth ride. I slept a great deal and had a nice breakfast . . . minus Indian cranberry sauce.  

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