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Discouragement - #2
8/12/2014 12:00:01 AM by: Rev. Dan Allen

Deliverance from Discouragement

A senior pastor told me recently that the two numbers which keep him up at night are the offering totals and the total of attendance. I resemble that remark. Have both of them in the doldrums for any length of time and it can quickly lead to discouragement. These are not the only things that bring on the “D” word - problems in/with the flock, illnesses of key folks, those who drop out of responsibilities and/or leave the church, etc., etc. I really do not need to pontificate the causes . . . there are many and you know them.

“Pastor to the BFC Pastors” wrote the following on defeating discouragement:

“One of Satan's fiercest weapons against us is discouragement. I'm convinced that the best way to battle discouragement is REFOCUS! Make a concrete decision to stop dwelling on the problem and start dwelling on The problem Solver and WHO HE IS. You get to choose – worship or worry. You can't have both simultaneously.”

There are many important thoughts in that passage, none more so then “you get to choose.” All sorts of stimuli from the outside targets our minds. It can cause us to lose focus and derail the agendas we believe God has given us. The decision, however, to allow depression or disavow it, is up to us. We can turn it on or, with the help of God, turn it off. Worriers are those who chose to dwell in discouragement as opposed to those who dwell on God and “think on these things” (Phil. 4:8).

Sage advice, Ron Mahurin. Thanks!

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Discouragement - #2
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