Ministerial Memos

8/26/2010 12:00:01 AM by: Rev. Dan Allen

I’ve learned to print out my calendar for your mom so that she would know what my schedule is and what appointments I have. There were occasions where I’d mention some event that I was sure she knew about it (because I knew about it) but she didn’t. I just assumed since we are one she would know. Or I thought she was paying attention during church, me giving announcements or reading the bulletin. Maybe she was. Maybe she should have been. However, I always felt it was my fault for not being clearer. And when she would say: “I didn’t know anything about that,” I knew it was a “got ya” moment. Not that she was being unkind, but I felt bad that I had not told her about the event. To solve this, I printed out my calendar on a monthly basis - often giving her 3-months at a time. If you are using Google Calendar or something online, she could log in and find out what you are doing. But even with that, you should let her know what is happening each week.

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