The Lord has granted us the opportunity to mentor young pastors and their wives. This started a few years back when our son, Josh, started pastoring in Las Cruces, NM. It continues with others who have willingly come under our wings.

One way in assisting these young pastors is an email publication we call: “Memos to My Ministerial Sons.” It started as an email to my son after he would call asking a ministry question. Although I would answer the question on the phone, I started jotting-down these questions along with my answers. Although Josh is no longer asking questions (he is with the Lord), there are 25 receiving these emails.

Author and pastor, John Maxwell, in regard to the lack of teaching leadership in Bible Colleges and Seminaries, is famous for saying - “why should they teach something you’ll need to know for the rest of your life?”

Schools of higher education are doing a better job in this area, but there are many practical questions that are just not in the text books.

This is where our ministry is set to assist.

Vonnie and I often do one-to-one mentoring. Perhaps it is over a meal, on the phone or via Skyped as we just let them vent. They are safe to say whatever they’d like. To “get it off their chest” so to speak. And we listen and give counsel or advice when appropriate. We’re glad to be putting our 36+-years of ministry experience to good use.