Memos to My Ministerial Sons


When my son became a pastor I knew he would be calling me asking question. The reason I knew this is that is exactly what I did with my dad. In fact, the first issue that was presented to me at my first church and the first week was from a leader in the church – “My daughter is pregnant and unmarried, what do I do?” My answer . . . let me get back to you . . . and I quickly went on the phone talking to my dad.

Josh would often call with problems and situation in which he desired counsel. I’d do my best to answer these over the phone, but then I jotted down some notes of that conversation and the ideas that came to me after I had a little time to reflect on the problem.

Josh is no longer with us . . . the Lord graduated him to his eternal reward, but there are 25 or more pastors who receive emails from questions. Here are a few of them.