34 bicycles to four different Indian ministries

It all started with Vonnie and I deciding to sell our bikes.
I got to thinking, when I saw our bikes (which we never ride), that perhaps we could sell them and donate the money to pastors, many, of whom, have never owned a bike. When I learned that one ministry needed 14, my faith was challenged. I thought - no way can I come up with that. Well, the Lord provided. So I went to another ministry and discovered they needed 12 (ended up with 15). We had no problem distributing all 34 for pastors and Christian workers.

Teaching / Preaching / Ministry

My sixth trip to Incredible India came to an end after 27-days of traveling 16,470 air miles (including domestic flights from Delhi to Hyderabad to Vijayawada and back to Delhi) and countless kilometers within the cities of Delhi and Hyderabad as well as to-and-from Vijay to Puritigadda.

Every time I go I appreciate more and more what God is doing in this country and am humbled that He is willing to use me.

By The Numbers

0 - Rides in Rickshaws

1 - 30-minute TV program
4 - different churches, preached in
5  - Additional Speaking Opportunities
11 - out of 12 meals in a village house where rice was served

13 - Times teaching
27 - the number of days on this mission trip
38 - speed bumps on one road (43-minute drive)
94 - Pastors taught

534 - Photos and Videos taken
16,470 - air miles
1.237 - billion India population (2012)
1.162 - billion that do not know the Lord

2.3 - million bananas eaten (by me! Slight exaggeration but I love those little bananas that grow in the backyard of Suresh’s place.)